Monday, July 30, 2012


It will take a while to make leave, at least in my heart.  I have resided in this Idaho place longer than almost any other (save my childhood home).  There is so much to love about this land.  My first grandchild was born here one crisp late fall evening.  That event, and the desire to make a new beginning of my life brought me here.  GOD has sustained me through many successes and failures.  Some heartaches deep and dear, much loss, and great growth.  I will miss much of this place.

I have come to love the geese and osprey and raven and owl joyously calling out the seasons.  The taste of huckleberries and the scent of the woods behind my home are imprinted in my soul.  I love the high hills and "Jack's Valley".  I love the clean clear lake, the majestic moose, the sweet does with new fawns, and the brave beaver slapping the water in defense of its kith and kin.

Nevertheless, it is time to go, for now.  Time to leave the pleasant company of friends, and the deep nearness of children and grandchildren.  Time to lend the cat to that first grandchild who brought me here, and time to loan the dear dog to one I have loved for healing and entertainment.

It took some small bit of grieving to let go of the house upon which so many dreams had once been built.  Dreams of growing old here, tending the garden and keeping watch over the season with family filling the house on many occasions.  But... as I have said before... our paths are not always as clear as we would make them.  Relationships change.  Friends fall away.  Marriages crumble in spite of everything.  Children decide we are no longer interesting or useful.  Jobs fade in both security and inspiration.  Well so be it...

Let us then take the pieces that GOD has left us with and move forward into LIFE.  I cannot/will not cling to this dear house in spite of its echoes.  It is time to yield it to another family.  I cannot cling to what I once wanted, but can only seize hold of what is possible and present.  And now, in spite of all my fears and sorrow... I will bid this place.... and its inhabitants a most fond and bittersweet farewell.

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